Home Entertainment GOA finally launches ‘The Surprise Awards’ to rival VGMA

GOA finally launches ‘The Surprise Awards’ to rival VGMA


GOA Entertainment has launched its annual awards event, The Surprise Awards for Excellence. According to the organizers, this is a unique awards system and it is the first of its kind in the world.

The Surprise Award for Excellence is designed to honor deserving individuals and institutions that have chosen to pursue the path of excellence and continually on daily bases adding value not only to consumers alone but also to the society. The award seeks to recognize and appreciate efforts and rewarding them duly.

CEO of GOA Entertainment, Mr. Gideon Ofosu Adjei, disclosed that “this is one awards event that seeks to honor ‘deserved’ individuals and not the usual ‘buy and win’ awards events that goes on in the country.”

According to him, “it is a yearly award scheme but the awards categories shall be split into four industry-defined sections and awarded quarterly. It also has six special awards and five supplementary awards. Winners of the surprise awards with consent of their management shall be surprised at their work places and honored.”

“A small surprise red carpet ceremony shall be organized at such times with key individuals and media invited to witness it. Its special and supplementary awards shall be awarded at a red carpet event at the last quarter of each year. Also at this red carpet event all surprise award winners will be reintroduced. Only first place positions will be considered for awards and acknowledgement. He stated that there are four awarding categories with three special awards and other supplementary awards,” he indicated.

He also noted that selection criteria will be based on the individual’s excellence, creativity, innovation and enhancement of the quality of life. Candidates shall be selected through monitoring, reports and reviews of their work for the awarding year and nominated for the awards.

The jurors are chosen by GOA entertainment and its awarding partners. The jurors will monitor individuals and professionals in the various fields, meet and decide the winners for each category.

“The event will not just be focused on giving awards but to encourage individual who through their daily activities cause positive changes not to relent on their efforts and also to encourage and improve morality and ethics across all sectors in the industry” he added. The jury will start monitoring for the first section in April 2015.
Below are the categories for the award;


Communication Arts Awards for Excellence

Educational Awards for Excellence

Industrial Awards for Excellence

Health Awards for Excellence


Celebrated Ghanaian of the year

(The Patriots Awards)

Celebrated Institute of the year

City of the year