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Relevance of Kenyan youth potentials and sustainability for growth and development

Making the youth of Kenyan central in development

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According to the 2019 census in Kenya, youths of ages ranging from 18-34 years takes 25% of the country’s population which experts classify them as working age. This means that if all youths decide to hang their boots and stop performing in nation building then Kenya will mourn greatly. You will agree with me holistically that the youth is the backbone of any developed country and they also owe the current and next generation a solid, progressive and strategic impact.


And as a matter of a fact the revenue of our beloved Kenya depends more on the youth, we can all agree that the youth have great contribution and this goes to enforce the important resource the youth are. It makes it wrong for policy makers to shun or side step them in any decision making or economic based plans. However, it’s sad to note that 2019 recorded the highest rate of unemployed among the youth in Kenya according to economic.com, Labour organization (ILO) etc. The report states that 12.20% of youth in Kenya don’t have permanent source of income, even those having a stable source of income suffer lack of financial and prudent life management skills which plunge them into poverty during retirement.

Some statistics suggest that the youth account for a high percentage on the Credit Referencing Bureau (CRB). This happens because most of them are just hustling and their sources of income are not permanent hence these resource cannot sustain their day to day life. This makes most youth end up in borrowing from microfinance especially mobile loan apps such as TALA, BRANCH, O CASH among others and because of the unstable source of income they fail to pay those loans which result them to be listed on CRB.

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Due the rate of unemployment, a lot of the youths participates in betting with the vague hope that they will one day win big money and live an affluence life. Our leaders also contributes in bringing the youth fraternity down in Kenya; they target them and use them in their political games by giving them handouts. Come to think of it, will a young person who is used to handouts position him/herself to make something noble and worthy?

The sad thing is that those handouts cannot better their lives, instead it handcuffs their minds because they will always think of being spoon-feed by those leaders through handouts. By doing that we will be killing the next generation slowly, we will reach a time whereby we will suffer a great economic crisis. It’s high time we start to value our youths and find a way on how we can salvage this deterioration in our youth.

The Kenyan government should put some measures that will see to it that youth are empowered technically, entrepreneurial wise, financially, mentally and academically. It is a tragedy for a student to spend 7 years on campus only to end up tarmacking for the rest of their lives. The government must not fail to create job opportunities for young and energetic men/women who are ready to serve their country than the recycling of same people. this will curtail the incident when Moody Awori at age 91 got appointed to the ministry of youth and sports, not forgetting the double appointment of the wife of Umur Yattan while there are millions of competent youths who can do the said task.

Our education system must be restructure from theory base to hands on type which equips the youth with skills. Most of Kenyan leaders urge the youth to get into self-employment but lacks the skills and capital. Licences and high taxes must be relooked at to support youth entrepreneurial innovation.

It is a collective responsibility of both government, parents and the society through varied mediums such as skill training, workshops, entrepreneurship empowerment etc. to stimulate large youth development and employment. This effort must factor guidance and counselling, mentoring, and coaching for the youth to prepare their minds and life philosophy.


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