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The Energies Of The Mind

Exploring the energies of the human mind


Have you ever paid attention to how you record, play and deploy what your memory stores? When was the last time you played and deploy your best moments, your winning ways, your smiling moments, your envisioned moments, etc?

The human is capable of recording every process but it is done as you sanctioned by CHOICE. The greatest double-edged weapon or tool is your self told words. Whatever the brain hears your say get connected to the brain. It looks for a reason, event or an excuse to find relevance to store it, most especially the ones we connect to our emotions.

So in you moment of despair,  be your inspiration or connect the breakdown thoughts to possibilities and future hope. The scenario might not change the status quo instantly but if you choose hope, inspiration, possibilities, and smile your brain triggers a ripple of current to direct your thoughts and action in that direction of empowerment

The brain is so powerful that, it can cause you to imprison yourself by making you the judge that sanction the sentence, the warden to guard the prison and a part of you become a prisoner. Self adjudicated sentence and indictment. Over a period of time you become used to that experience which creates a comfort zone, a status quo and reality so to make you believe it is just your destiny.

We all have our purple crayon to draw hope of a great future or despondence, gloom and doom, remember it all lies in the power of choice. We don’t have control over the sun yet we have decided what to do with it by generating power. Indeed our human choices deployed in action is what is causing the world issues with climate change and global warming. If we agree it is discomforting, and we make a conscious choice, we will birth actions to support the shift in choice. This is exactly same with our mindset and brain work. Whether the cup is half full or half empty, it is your choice of what you want to see and interpret. Either way it has a corresponding energy to sanction actions and inactions to how you will maximize the water and the cup.


Choose what you say to yourself carefully, words are powerful because your brain is recording and providing logics to perform actions and function as you sanction or permit. Why is it so easy to forget the good moments, but hard to forget the hurting experience? It is because we choose to give the pain space of relevance and priority for a long period of time. When we hold onto unforgiving for long, it devours us and turn ourself against our being. At point you turn to hate yourself the more because of the unforgiving nature you have bred over for a long time. Our limbic system gets connect to the pain or joy but what you allow is what it gets stored

What if you give same energy to the very little things we disregard yet they put smiles on our faces, love undefined that soothes our emotions, the undeserving moments that brings tears of joy, that helping hand that turned a situation around for the best.  Amazingly, what you store, play and deploy most has its equivalent attraction. It attracts more of those energies, though snakes could be poisonous, yet they get attracted to music and good ones of course.

You don’t have control over what really must come or must not come your way but you have the choice as what you give it a recording space. You choose how it must affect you in the long-term. Yes, we must not pretend with our hurts and painful moments but how long it stays is where and when the danger looms. Imagine you record, play and deploy all the happy moments no matter how small, even the gift of life. That energy will attract its kind of possibilities. Our mind records but we choose what must be recorded.

If you pay attention more, you will notice good has happened than evil but you recorded less of it hence the deception no good comes your way. Our definition of life, measure of success and failure steal a lot from us than we think. Success and failure are never an event but case study to the path of fulfilment. We tend to glamour for achievement and a certain defined success until we realise it does not equate fulfilment. Wake up from the self-denial and run your race. The leapers said, we admit we are outcasts, this famine if we stay here will kill us, if we go into the town we might be killed but they chose to go back and the rest is history.

The gift of life is the best gift to first acknowledge and record. And as you keep playing(APPRECIATE) it, you experience what it attracts (ABUNDANCE)

GCBM Contributor: Scofray Nana Yaw Yeboah

Transformational Coach | Media Analyst | Brands Expert | Consult | Author