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How To Change Your Mood In Five Minutes


As a business owner, as an entrepreneur, you go through a lot of things. You are hit will all kinds of things. There are cancellations. Your employees may not be happy. You can have arguments and conflict, vendor issues and lawsuits. There are so many things that impact your mood. And if you don’t know how to snap out of it quickly, your day is gone. And if your days is gone, your week is gone. And if your week is gone, your month is gone, and then you’re out of business.

The worst thing you can do is say, “I’m going home.” That’s what average people do, and they don’t make it. “Today was a bad day, I’m going to go home early.” Nope. You cannot do that. You will go out of business, your customers, your team, and your staff are depending on you to show up even when you don’t feel like it.

You have to have a system to change your mood fast.

So how do you change your mood in five minutes?

#1: Walk Outside and Listen to Music

Literally take a walk. Listen to some music that pumps you up, and then get back to work.

2: Go Run Up and Down Stairs

Run up and down three or four floors and you’ll snap out of your bad mood in no time, because your body is moving, and blood is flowing through your body.

3: Watch a Funny 1-Minute Video

Three is literally watch a funny one-minute video that makes you laugh and you will completely be out of that state of mind.

4: Put Your Problems into Perspective

I’ll never forget an experience I had when I was in Army boot camp. I was 18 at the time, and another man in boot camp, who was 29 years old, got a letter from his wife. In the letter, his wife told him, “I’m leaving you, and I’m leaving you for a man that you know of as well.”

The guy wouldn’t stop crying. His emotions were out of control.

I was sitting there, and I had been concerned because I hadn’t seen my friends for awhile, and all my friends missed me. I was totally focused on myself, and my little problems, and right next to me someone was going through a huge problem.

So I told myself, “Pat, snap out of it.”

No matter what situation you’re in, I promise you, there are millions of people that would love to exchange the massive problem that they have — the loss of a loved one, heartbreak, losing everything, war, crime, or whatever else they may be going through — with what you’re going through.

So reflect and consider that compared to what some people are going through, life is good. It’s not as bad as you think. Then, ask yourself what you can do today to solve the problem.

5: Make a List of Five People and Compliment Them

The last one is my favorite; it works every single time. Are you ready?

If I’m in a bad mood, if I had a bad conversation and somebody upset me, I spend five minutes doing the following:

Make a list of five people
Call every one of those five people and tell them how amazing they are.
I talk about their gifts. I say, “I just want to tell you how grateful I am for you. I just want to tell you how much I love you. You’re one of the most talented people I know in this area. I want to tell you you’re one of the greatest listeners I know. You’ve got an incredible heart.”

Five minutes later, everything is minuscule.

But here’s the great thing. If you do this, you just impacted five people’s day, and they changed because of you. They’re going to be thinking about the impact you made in their lives, and in a way, you’re paying it forward.

Whether you send a text or a letter or make a phone call, you impose your positive energy on somebody else. And indirectly it comes back to you 5X, and makes you feel good because you’re impacting the world in a positive way.

So here’s my challenge to you.

Stop whatever you’re doing, and right now, make a list of five people’s names. They can be relatives, friends, businesses, coworkers, clients – it doesn’t matter.

Then, call them or text them – right now. Send them a simple message telling them how special they are. Talk about an experience with them that you are extremely grateful for. Lift them up. Encourage them. Tell them you believe in them.

And watch what happens with the response you get.

Then I want you to comment on the bottom and tell me about the experience and how you feel about yourself.

Source: Patrick BetDavid- patrickbetdavid.com