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Seven reasons why I love my wife – Okyeame Kwame


Seven reasons why I love my wife – Okyeame Kwame

Okyeame kwame has stated seven reasons why he loves the wife.This is linked with their seventh anniversary celebrations.Kwame and his wife Annica have being married for seven years and have two beautiful kids.this were the seven reasons Okyeame kwame put out for the love for his wife.

1. Understanding – When we were getting married (in the picture) Anni downed the cost of the ceremony by accepting a modest wedding. But the thing that struck me was that she took a red material, tied it around her neck (collar), put a belt on it and that was her dress for the ceremony.

Though simple, she looked radiant. So when i was saying I DO, knowing that she would do everything in her power to make life easy for me, i said it before i was even asked to

Seven reasons why I love my wife – Okyeame Kwame2. Fighter – Everybody who knows Anni well knows she is a fighter; she fights for her rights, fights for what is hers.. (Agyeiwaa the Eagle) protects her family with all her foresight. Life is war obviously, and when you have a fighter on your team, you are already a winner. She fights everything or everyone that fights against me. And its beautiful how she never fights me.

3. Sacrifices – Annica had always wanted to be a lawyer. After her first degree in law, she met me, put a hold on it, to pursue an MBA with a marketing option so that she could understand and support my music business. Her long essay was in finding alternative avenues to market music. All of this was to improve my work. 4 years ago, i asked her; ‘what do u wish for in life?’ and then she said ‘i wish to be that person who supported Okyeame Kwame to be all that he wished for.’

Seven reasons why I love my wife – Okyeame Kwame4. Virtuous – When I met Anni 11 years ago, she was 22 years and still a virgin. For a beautiful, attractive, classy, curvy young woman to stay on this path even when she was young, I am rest assured that infidelity is not part of this argument. (m’ada koraa). If ever i see a text message on her phone that says ‘last night was great’ my reply will be ‘you have the wrong number pls’.

5. Hardworking – Most people who work with my wife always ask me “why does she send her mails at 12 midnight?” She wakes up at 4:30am to ready up the children for school.
We work together, and get home averagely at 10pm. And no matter how tired she is, she is always ready to fix me food.
I have sworn an oath of monogamy which makes her life peaceful during the day and ‘rigorous’ at night grin emoticon With little resistance, she lights up my soul almost every night. After all, all my energies are concentrated at one place.

Seven reasons why I love my wife – Okyeame Kwame6. Optimistic – My first point should tell u that Anni knows how to adjust during hard times but also knows how to ‘chop’ and enjoy during good times. Because she understands that good times with a creative man is only possible when i have a high level of peace, whenever i am troubled or distressed she knows how to calm me down. With just one sentence, she can put a smile on my face. Some of her favorite sayings; “we will get through this koraa”, and “a million years from now who’s gonna care”…..Vim ‘tins’ all the way!!

Seven reasons why I love my wife – Okyeame Kwame7. Home Support – She has given me two children who fleece my skin (pun intended). You should visit my home to see Anni and the kids on homework, the perfect balance of not sparing the rod and spoiling the child, literally. When I’m out there working, I know my back is covered. She doesn’t pile up their faults and ask me to come and deliver the whipping. That’s why my children love me more grin emoticon. As the bible says, he who finds a wife, finds a good thing and obtains favor with God.

So for the same reason why people are invited to weddings to witness a confession of love, today, on our 7th anniversary, I confess the 7 reasons why i love my wife.

May all of you reading this enjoy a great marriage.

Source: Okyeame Kwame