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Real Madrid Danilo visits


Real Madrid full back Danilo travelled to Amsterdam on Monday to visit the renowned ankle specialist, Doctor Niek van Dijk according to Marca, in an attempt to resolve the on-going ankle problem that saw him miss the away game against Granada.

The full-back, who was scared by the incessant pain, was much calmer after his appointment Dr Van Dijk.

Marca reports that Danilo was initially diagnosed an ankle strain which, with a conservative treatment, should heal itself if the player rests for between one and two weeks.

The Real Madrid man has been putting up with the pain for weeks. In fact, the club has been forced to ration his appearances in recent games in an attempt to alleviate the pain, but the full-back, who takes his job very seriously, wanted to help the team as much as possible and not be rested with a problem that he was sure would end up resolving itself.

Danilo knows that he is not playing his best football, although he has kept quiet about the ankle problems that have hindered his performances until these finally forced him to stop playing. His eagerness to prove his worth pushed him to sacrifice his fitness until the injury began to seriously worry both him and the club’s doctors.

Marca said that Van Dijk played down the injury’s severity and diagnosed a strain. He has every confidence that a conservative treatment will work and that Danilo will be back training normally in a matter of days.

And the Brazilian international wipl be counting those days until he is back out on the pitch and competing for a place in the team.

Muftawu Abdulai Nabila