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Essential Smartphone Apps For Business: Google Apps

Essential Smartphone Apps for Business: Google Apps
Google Apps

Google will most definitely for a while be leading in online solutions for business Online Presence.  With the latest updates from Google changing how visible a business was online, it gives an opportunity for many who are fresh online a chance to get placement in organic search.

Organic search is when your links to company profiles or content come up in search without paying for it to. Basically, you did not use Pay Per Click to have content be shown in a query. You are a serious Entrepreneur, right? Then setting up online presence is important and the mobile devices you have can be used in the absence of internet and a personal computer.

I , Aquarius Dawn Nancy, use my Smartphone almost for all my business solutions needs. Needs as in starting a profile, creating content, and monitoring managed brands. Last article discussed first steps to an international online presence and this one will look at using a mobile device to set up Google products. We will focus on each major platform briefly and for in-depth questions just comment below and replies with supplemental links to online help will be given to those serious. So, you want to set up the business online? Start with Google Gmail, then set up profile on it.

Essential Smartphone Apps for Business: Google Apps
Google Apps

The use of Google + is to post company information along with Third Party Content(Preferably from a Media Partner’s Platform you get permission to use relevant subject matter content from).

Blogging is important online today because queries want ample information to understand brands purpose.

Blogger, is a blogging platform owned by Google. Blogging is crucial today and having one is a must. You must set a consistent posting strategy for it since many are already doing so. Most brands blog often, as much as once a day. Profiles that help share company video across multiple mediums (Platforms that share information) is also great.

YouTube is a video sharing platform to share video. If a professional filmmaker or videographer, Vimeo  is best to have as an app on your phone or tablet. YouTube for example is a place all brands must be for now due to Co-Citations (Where others leading in your industry also have a company profile, your brand must be there too) purposes. Video has always been King and coming into 2018, any one wanting to make a buzz must better have video content more than ever.

I encourage you to download the above mentioned apps if not on your Smartphone already. If you have them, start getting familiar with them.

Remember to practice efficient Search Engine Optimization(SEO) via the verbiage (message) of your brand in description area provided by these above mentioned mobile apps. Make sure username for Google +, YouTube channel, Vimeo profile and Blogger are company names. For the blogging Platforms, you will automatically get a generated url with businessname.blogspot.com.

Blogger uses .blogspot.com to house content created by users. An example is my online media brand, HAY Online Media, it has a blog called hayonlinemedia.blogspot.com. Now, I have redirected domain name of hayonlinemedia.com to it for case-study reasons so there are essentially two routes to get to the blog. Now I can use the mobile app for it that uses the company Gmail accounts credentials to login. Once in, I click New Post and get to posting. Feel free to comment below, share with serious Entrepreneurs and next time we will discuss another platform to use with leading business technology solutions.

By Aquarius Dawn Nancy: GCBM Contributor on Technology and Global Business


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