Home Technology Somalia’s tomorrow the story of Guled Adan Abdi

Somalia’s tomorrow the story of Guled Adan Abdi

Somalia's tomorrow, the story of Guled Adan Abdi

13 year old Guled Adan Abdi has stun his community in northern town of Buhodle Somalia with his ingenuity of turning ordinary used plastic gallons or containers into toy cars, aircraft etc powered by batteries.

Poverty is battling with this young genius which is affecting his education, his mother Mrs. Maryan Hassan is just a seller of pancakes “anjeera” and struggling to see the dream of her son come to fruition. This is one of many stories of talent in Africa especially war prone countries.
Unlike Albert Einstein whose teacher told his parents he will amount to nothing, Guled is receiving support and encouragement from his teach Mr. Asha Ahmed Omar. With is name rising, his hope to become an inventor keeps growing and have become a toast of his village. He has brought goodwill to his family, even her mother who used to fume over his toys has now taken a stand to give her son the needed words of hope and encouragement.

Puntland President Abdiweli Mohamed Ali at state house promised the state will take up Guled education to the height his ingenuity can send him.

There are many of Guled kind and this means there is hope for the riding of Africa.

photo credit: BBC Somali Service